Catch The Powerball Fever!


I may be the only person that goes to a convention in Las Vegas and never plays the slots or Blackjack. I simply go to the convention. Growing up and practicing in NJ, I have only been to Atlantic City once and have never bet on sports. While I love adventure and excitement, gambling has never been my thing. Having said that, I personally have bought 10 Powerball tickets for tonight’s $1.5 billion drawing. It is exciting to dream about all that we could experience with greater financial freedom.

The fact remains that the odds are astronomical for us to win; yet everyone I have talked to this week has purchased at least one ticket (or ten). The truth is EVERYONE HAS A SHOT!

What is surprising is that the one gift that we all have “a shot” at — our health — few invest in until we are in crisis!

A healthy and flexible spine and nervous system is essential for a healthy and flexible life! Simply, have your spine and nervous system checked on a regular basis and attaining and maintaining a greater quality of life is a very reachable jackpot!

For 2016, incorporate activity, clean foods and spinal and nervous system check-ups into your weekly routine and you have a tremendous “shot” at the greatest POWERBALL of all — your health and well-being!

Good luck tonight everyone and remember…even billionaires need a healthy and improved quality of life!

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