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Dr. David Potter

Why You Should Go to a Chiropractor

Part of the chiropractic approach involves determining whether the body’s natural structure has caused problems with the functions in other areas of your body because of reactions in the nervous system. Structural changes can affect the nerves and the spinal cord by affecting the normal communication of information from the brain to the rest of the body.

Along with specialized chiropractic treatment, we will provide you with rehabilitation exercises, advice on posture and stress management and nutritional advice. The most important aspect of chiropractic care is the comprehensive approach to treatment and management of a patient’s unique condition.

New patients will meet with Dr. Potter for an extensive history and consult in his office.  This time is dedicated specifically for you in order to allow you to share your concerns and desires regarding what you hope to achieve from care.

Next, your Range of Motion, autonomic and motornervous system will be evaluated by the latest technology designed for assessing nerve and muscle function. This is an important tool as compromise in nerve function has been documented as a major component of most symptoms you may experience.

Finally, Dr. Potter will conduct an exam and assessment for care and if appropriate will render treatment.

What to expect during a “treat”ment

The patient or “practice-member,” is fully clothed, sitting or laying down on their back or belly.  A specific sequence of light touches is applied to specific locations along the spine that increases the awareness of ease and tension in the body.

The body releases tension through changes in breath and movement enabling the practice-member  to adapt to the environment, make healthier choices and enjoy life.

As tension reduces a gentle chiropractic adjustment may be applied when appropriate.

Treatment does not hurt and may feel as though you are taking a nap or relaxing, listening to soft music.  In reality, what is occurring is that the practice-member’s body and nervous system is reducing tension and improving nerve function.

 Techniques utilized at Network Chiropractic of Somerset, PC

Diversified Technique uses specific manual thrusts focused on restoring normal bio-mechanical function and has been developed to adjust extremity joints as well.

Sacro Occipital Technique is a comprehensive, gentle and innovative chiropractic technique.

Logan basic technique requires a very minimal force. In this technique, a light and constant pressure is applied against a specific contact point at the base of the spine.

Activator Methods uses an instrument to give consistent mechanical low-force, high-speed impulses to the body.

Thompson Drop-Table Technique uses a precision adjusting table with a weighing mechanism which adds only enough tension to hold the patient in the “up” position before the thrust is given.

Side Posture involves the chiropractor positioning the patient on his or her side, then applying a quick and precise manipulative thrust to the misaligned vertebra, returning it to its proper position.

Applied Kinesiology is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis.

The Toggle Adjustment is a gentle low force technique that can be performed on a patient without having to turn the neck or apply the type of force

Other modalities utilized at Network Chiropractic of Somerset, PC

Craniosacral therapy uses therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium.

Trigger point therapy involves the application of pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body.

Manual Spinal Traction is a form of decompression therapy that relieves pressure on the spine.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.

Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance a person’s health and well-being.

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