InSight™ Spinal Scanning System

State of the Art Instrumentation

Along with a manual evaluation, every patient who walks into our office will be evaluated using The Insight Millennium Subluxation Station™. This instrumentation is the only one of its kind to be certified by the Space Foundation.  It has been documented to analyze the patient condition more accurately—allowing the doctor and patient to trace the effectiveness of treatment.  Conservative Chiropractic care and NSA is a great combination to assess and reduce nerve dysfunction or “subluxation” that may be related to symptomology.

According to the Space Foundation  this spinal evaluation technology, known as the InSight(TM) Spinal Scanning System was developed for astronauts and is now endorsed and used by chiropractic practitioners, worldwide.  This validated, evidence-based technology is used to identify unmanaged stress patterns in the muscles, joints and nerves of the spinal core.  Surface electromyographic (sEMG) sensors can be placed along the spine to detect how gravity, here on earth, uses precious neuro-muscular energy.

Chiropractors use the Insight(TM) to help identify where subluxations, or misalignments of the spine, can be creating unhealthy muscle activity. Subluxations disturb nerve activity, causing an abnormal amount of electrical flow to the muscles. This can be associated with other developing health challenges as persistent stress can alter nervous system control . The Insight Subluxation Station calculates these imbalances within the spine which assists chiropractors when they adjust their patients. The Insight allows for increased accuracy in diagnosis and improved treatment outcomes.

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Surface EMG & Thermography

Digital Thermography and Surface Emg analyze the autonomic and motor nervous system.  These chiropractic instruments detect hidden patterns of stress and tension.  This allows for the identification of potential problem areas, as well as monitoring existing challenges for the patient.

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