YOUR CARE PLAN: “It’s The Journey, Not The Destination”

The objective of your CARE PLAN is to have you achieve your optimal potential. It is not simply to relieve you of pain or symptomology. At the end of our days, we will ask the question, “Did I make a difference?” This “difference” can only occur if we strive to achieve our potential.

Your CARE PLAN is a road map that includes your journey on your way to your potential. This is why we don’t just treat you one time and you are “fixed”. If life continues to throw stress at you, you need a CARE PLAN that is consistent and flexible to match the stressors you may encounter along your way to your potential.

Stay true to your CARE PLANS and you will continue to move towards your ultimate potential. Understandably, life gets in the way…distance, time, money and heartache. This is even more reason to stay true to your roadmap and we are committed to assisting you on this journey.

You have a CARE PLAN specifically designed for you. If you are unclear as to what the CARE PLAN is…ASK. We will gladly review it. If you are a new patient or a practice member for two decades and you need clarity on your CARE PLAN…ASK. We are excited to have you continuing towards your potential!

See you this week,
Dr. Potter

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